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White Widow has a stinging, ammonia-like scent with some hints of earthy pine. White Widow can boost energy in cases of fatigue or depression. Some users have even described White Widow as efficient in relieving migraines. White Widow has a THC content ranges between 15% to 20%.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: South American x South Indian Indica
  • Flowery x Earthy x Woody
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Creative x Uplifted




White Widow Strain for sale on medicalmarijuanabudshop.com online today! Buds are conical
and fully soaked in resin and a blanket of white trichomes.

White Widow is ideal for; depression, pain, nausea, anxiety, loss of appetite. Effects of
White Widow are: Postie effects includes; euphoria, creativity, relax, energetic. Negative
effects include; cotton mouth. THC levels tend to vary but average around the low teens.
Some batches have tested above 20%, however White Widow is seen as one of the amazing
strains of medical cannabis and helps for pain relief and good sleep

Reviewers have noted this strain may have the effect of improving mood and enhancing creativity
and social comfort. White Widow is popular in the recreational community because of its potential
to improving social stamina without leaving the user lethargic.

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1 review for White Widow Strain for sale

  1. Handy danny kit

    This was so awesome I do wish it came with a lighter but beggars can’t be choosers, this was my first time ever ordering from anywhere shop or delivery so it was nice that they got me started up with this set of things I came to need .

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