Strawberry Diesel Strain For Sale

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Strawberry Diesel Strain For Sale online today! This strain is a terpene powerhouse that has crazy powerful scents of sweet strawberry due to it’s 2.49% terpenes. The fruity masterpiece hosts over 30% THC and gets its great taste from Strawberry

Banana and indica Papaya. Our harvest of this hybrid weed strain comes fresh from our affiliate weed growers.  Two of those combined lend a tasty, aromatic profile of sweet berries and banana.

When treating yourself to this flavorful flower you can expect a wave of fast-acting euphoria to tackle depression and anxiety that soon gives way to a relaxing sedation.




THC: 30.25%
CBD: 0.11%
Taste & smells like: Sweet, Fruity, Strawberry
Feels like: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Strawberry Diesel Strain For Sale is a pretty user-friendly strain, as an average THC level of 15% allows new and experienced smokers to enjoy its effects. Although it’s often recommended for daytime use, Strawberry can be enjoyed at all hours depending on what you’re looking for. You’ll start off with a high that hits you with an uplifting buzz as it improves your mood, makes you more creative, and encourages socialization. Strawberry is a top choice for users who are prone to anxiety, as it’s able to relieve stress and depression while keeping you completely calm and level. If chronic pain plagues you, it might be nice to use Strawberry shortly before bed for a relaxing night of sleep, or it could be beneficial during the day to calm excess worries.

What’s great about this strain is that it gradually takes you into a place of complete euphoria without any sort of paranoid or anxious side effects. Soon your body will follow into a relaxing state that might create a bit of couch lock for some. Despite having a straightforward name, the scent and taste of Strawberry are complex, with sweet cream and earthy notes dancing amongst the strong berry flavor. Nugs have a pungent fruity smell and are large and dense, boasting a thick layer of resin.

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4 reviews for Strawberry Diesel Strain For Sale

  1. Mary Walters

    My Disel strain was the best have ever tasted thanks Fluara

  2. Gerade camara

    Strawberry Diesel always makes me feel good on early morning

  3. james martins

    unbelievable ill always come back for this best diesel bud i tasted ever cool medshop

  4. jane look

    This strawberry was pretty good for a good relaxation after a long, rough day. Found it pretty easy to use this particular strain on a daily basis without feeling groggy the next day/ thanks for my order

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