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Blue Dream | OG Kush | Obama Kush | Girl Scout Cookies | Sour Diesel | Jack Herer..

At MMBS.com we believe in goodwill and 420 celebration, and Mail Order Marijuana should be as widely available as possible. Starting with this simple and basically fail-proof principle, we have gathered together a fantastic range of our best marijuana strains that are low price and top quality – strains that we ourselves would buy; thus buy cheap weed online. We put a lot of thought into what our customers would want.





Buy 420 Weed Combo is a Mix of 6 our our top strains (seasonal recommendation) at a giveaway price and
your Cannabis-Friendly 420 Everyday.

Blue Dream | OG Kush | Obama Kush | Girl Scout Cookies | Sour Diesel | Jack Herer.

They come in independent packaging, stealth and smell proofed.

10 Best Weed Strains To Party With

There’s no argument: cannabis can make a good night out even better. But, if you want to stay
energized and social while partying, picking the right strain is essential. Heavy indicas are great
if your idea of a great time is a Netflix and chill marathon on the sofa. But, to ensure a great time
while you’re out and about, test out some of these uplifting sativas and hybrids.

1. Super Silver Haze
Best party strains super silver haze
Super Silver Haze is one of the most popular strains for a reason. Though sativa-dominant, this
hybrid provides the uplifting and happy effects while also giving its users a chill body buzz. The
winning combination of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Neville’s Haze is enough to give you a strong
high while keeping uncomfortable paranoia and giddiness to a minimum.

2) Hawaiian
Best party strains hawaiian
This perfect easygoing, happy sativa is an excellent choice for a long evening out. As its name may
suggest, it features a fruity tropical flavor that might remind you of a pleasant day at the beach. The
strong sativa linage in this strain produces energizing and creative effects, making for some interesting
conversations with old and new friends alike.

3) Laughing Buddha
Best party strains laughing buddha
A night of partying is not complete without ample amounts of laughter. Laughing Buddha is sure to deliver.
This sativa is a potent cross between two landraces: Thai and Jamaican. Brought into creation by Amsterdam’s
Barney’s Farm Seeds, the amount of joy, happiness, and giggles produced by this silly bud is sure to bring out
the best in everyone who gives her a try.

4) Chronic
4 best party strains chronic
This hybrid is a true classic. Much loved by nearly everyone, this strain features similar genetics to Super
Silver Haze. A cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47, this strain is known to produce a potent,
happy high. Be warned, though: this is a powerful hybrid. While you’re sure to find yourself doubled over in
laughter at some point during the night, smoke a little too much and you may find yourself a bit on the paranoid side.

5) Girl Scout Cookies
Best party strains girl scout cookies
This strain is quite popular these days. A well-balanced hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies strain draws from
both its Durban Poison and OG Kush heritage. It features the strong cerebral effects of the pure sativa
Durban Poison, while providing users with super mellow and relaxing bodily effects to boot. The end
result is an all-around winning strain that’s sure to get you out on the dance floor and wholeheartedly
enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

6) Chocolope
Best weed party strains chocolope
For those that prefer a strong mental experience from their marijuana, chocolope is the strain for
you. Bred by DNA Genetics, this sativa doesn’t actually feature too much of a chocolate aroma. Rather,
it’s scent has been described as coffee-like and with an earthy, melon twist that probably comes from its
Cantaloupe Haze linage. This strain has become quite famous for its strong cerebral, slightly psychedelic
effects. The mind-warping nature of this sativa makes it a great choice for your next DJ set or music festival.

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